7 Steps of a Credit Card Transaction Process

Step 1: Customer submits their credit card for payment

Step 2: Authorize.net manages the complex routing on the data on behalf of the merchant through the remaining steps;

Step 3: Authorize.net passes the secure transaction information via a secure connection to the Processor.

The Merchant Bank’s Processor submits the transaction to the credit card network (like Visa or MasterCard). 

The credit card network routes the transaction to the bank that issued the credit card to the customer.

Step 4: The issuing bank approves or declines the  transaction based on the customer’s available funds and passes the  transaction results back to the credit card network.

The  credit card network relays the transaction results to the merchant  bank’s processor. The processor relays the transaction results to Authorize.net

Step 5: Authorize.net stores the transaction results and sends them to the website for the customer and merchant to see.

Step 6: The merchant delivers services or goods to the buyer. 

Step 7: The issuing bank sends the appropriate funds  for the transaction to the credit card network, which passes the funds  to the merchant’s bank.

The  bank then deposits the funds into the merchant’s bank account. This is  called ‘settlement’, and typically the transaction funds are deposited  into the merchant’s primary bank account within two to four business  days.

Taking Credit Cards on Your Website

 Integrating your website to a payment processing network is an easy process when processing with RS Merchant Services. Simplicity is our goal in getting you set up to accept credit cards over your website. It is  browser based so there is no software to install or maintain. All you  need is a shopping cart. We provide the API log in and Transaction Key  and you’re good to go.  .

Merchant Portal

We will provide the tools to bring efficiency to your E-Commerce payment gateway. 

You  will set up with a merchant portal to manage your E-Commerce website credit card transaction process, configure your account settings, view account statements, generate reports and more. 


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