The Uncharted Amazon is a vast and stunning wonderland, populated by unique inhabitants. The sheer volume of life in the Amazon is so great that it has influenced the lives of everyone that has ever lived. The hidden temple of the Beetle Temple, is said to hold the promise of our greatest secrets, yet its location is a mystery to every culture and religion. The Brazilian Empire promised to find and excavate the temple – now, almost two hundred years later, it is up to you, an elite and elite search team, to unlock the mystery and save a professor that has gone missing on one of the most mysterious adventures of all time.

Explore the dynamic, non-linear world of the Amazon
Hidden Expedition is a journey you can take over multiple playthroughs, with different challenges, objects, and environments on each story
Simple controls, advanced physics, and intuitive gameplay
A mysterious Amazonian race awaits your arrival
A custom, hand-painted facial animation system
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Big Fish is proud to announce the release of their newest title in the Hidden Expedition series, available now on the App Store for iPhone, iPad, iPod touch and Android devices.
Embark on an epic journey through the unexplored Amazon, as you search for clues to a lost mystery while navigating through the Amazon Rain forest. Discover the legend of the Beetle Temple that holds so much promise for modern society, as the story is brought to life by amazing visuals and story-driven gameplay.
Listen to the adventurers in the Amazon as they uncover its magical secrets while being guided by one of the greatest tales in history.
Your mysterious journey begins, as you uncover a map of the region. Detailed by a renowned explorer, the map leads to the mysterious Beetle Temple. There you discover the truth about the mysterious temple, while seeking clues to a missing scientist.
Open the doors and unlock the door to a spellbinding adventure.
Players will use their wits, stamina and ingenuity to solve challenging and diverse puzzles while going through the Amazon.
A thrilling story awaits you as you travel the Amazon in search of a professor.
Check out the cool trailer here:
You can also follow the Big Fish Blog for more info and hints on how to play.
About The Game
Hidden Expedition: Amazon is a follow up to the first title in the Hidden Expedition series. It follows


Features Key:

  • Hecate, Queen of the Underworld
    The setting of how Hecate became a god.
  • One-sided Love-Connection Story
    Two main characters are in love but can’t be together.
  • Simple to control with Vertical Controls
    A game with simple controls.
  • Short but Fun Game
    Complete in 15 minutes.
  • How do I get Hecate’s game key?

    You can claim Hecate’s game key. You can find the option to claim this on the menu under the “Manage” tab. Click on the “Claim” button and follow the process. It should take less than a minute. If you run into any problem or have question, be sure to message me on the Discord server!

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    What’s new:



    The PlayStation 4

    The single-disc Blu-ray drive

    The stuff

    The PlayStation 4

    Judging from the reviews I’ve read, the black PS4 I had in February has almost no flaws of any significance. Most people seem to find little fault in it, and a few people have started to hint at its competence and value – basically, some people have noted a few things that could or would be fixed in future hardware, but when you make hardware, it takes time to make changes.

    In the case of the PlayStation 4, most people have agreed to just shrug their shoulders about this fact. Nintendo has made minor changes in their new hardware and yet it is achieving considerable success – perhaps people find it more reasonable to assume it’s a little later in its life cycle than others. I, meanwhile, don’t think it matters to me whether the people attacking Sony are just speaking out of spite, or whether they’re actually right.

    The PlayStation 4’s other main selling point, a slimmer, sleeker hardware design, seems clearly pretty good, and when a CEO says that people aren’t going to want to move hardware ever again, that’s a claim worth taking seriously.

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    Being useless also gave me a massive opportunity: that pile of PS3 games that I would otherwise have thrown away. I’ve upscaled these games


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    DeltaZeal is an indie science-fiction adventure game for desktop Windows and Mac OS X.
    Solve fascinating puzzles, kill the clock, uncover history, and explore.
    Delve deeper into everything the player has done in the game and unlock more features.
    No Game Over states, no missing achievements or points.
    Make satisfying choices with immediate and lasting results.
    Log in to Steam and restart.
    Use “Reload All” and “Exit All” to clear up any errors.
    DeltaZeal Original Soundtrack and DeltaZeal Original Soundtrack – Full Version – Original Soundtrack – Patch Notes
    If you like the music, see if you can get a hold of the DeltaZeal Original Soundtrack Music by listening to the soundtrack!
    To purchase the DeltaZeal Original Soundtrack – Extended Edition
    Purchase from the Games Dialogue. You will be prompted to pay through Steam.
    To purchase the DeltaZeal Original Soundtrack
    Purchase from the Games Dialogue. You will be prompted to pay through Steam.
    About DeltaZeal
    DeltaZeal is the journey of the only species capable of reaching and communicating with a neighboring universe.
    It has been in its present form for thousands of years, experiencing incredible and fascinating changes.
    It is the Earth-like planet we all know to be home to humanity.
    Travelling from the ancient past to the far away future, and from the exotic east to the wild west, you will explore and discover what makes our planet a unique and beautiful place.
    It’s your duty as the Helix to explore and discover.
    Make the right choice.
    Audio Track Listing
    1. “A Gentle Arpeggio”
    2. “Bouncing Back”
    3. “Cool Down”
    4. “Crashing in on the Home Planet”
    5. “Deepening the Submarine”
    6. “Decidedly Undecided”
    7. “Dislocating the Planet”
    8. “Door Opens”
    9. “Drifting to a New Era”
    10. “Ejecting the Eggs”
    11. “Encountering the Bulkhead”
    12. “Exploring the Horizons”
    13. “Finding Your Way in the Void”
    14. “Finding the Eggs”
    15. “Finding the Helix”
    16. “Finding Yourself in Times of Crises”
    17. “Flight of the Helix”


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    <strong>How To install &amp; Crack Fantasy Grounds – 4E: Lands of Darkness #2: Cesspools of Arnac – Official Scenarios – Installation – How To Crack Virtual TableTop Games:</strong><br /><br />

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    System Requirements For Dwarrows:

    Before we get started:
    We need to make sure that you have the latest drivers from AMD. Please check here:
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