They’re fuzzy; they’re sleeping and waddling; they’re peeping and swimming and impossibly cute! Make way for this adorable duckling theme. Suited for children and adults alike, this theme is bound to put a smile on your face.
Warning: downloading this theme may cause people to stand over your shoulder making baby talk.


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This theme is the definition of baby. No more grown-up baby faces in your header or footer. In fact, no more baby faces period. Just a picture of a duck and ducklings. It’s like that adorable kid in the corner of the room just wants to be held. You’ll want to pick up your phone and just bring them home.

– Includes all that our free Baby Theme Bundle contains.

– Best of all, our theme makes your header and footer look just like the header and footer on our store. These are the only two elements you’ll ever need!

– Easy to install. No FTP or technical know-how required.
– Quick to set up. In just minutes, you’ll be rocking your baby theme.

– Attractive, clean, modern design.

– Consistent throughout our other themes, this theme has every detail figured out. No guessing where to place the colors, where to place the text, or where to place the navigation.

– Best of all, this theme has been tested on multiple browsers and mobile devices.

– Rock-solid support, in case you need help getting started.

– Merely download, no installation necessary.

– Add this theme to your favorite themes list in one click.

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– Apply this theme to any existing WordPress site.

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Download the Ducklings Theme for free today and start designing the look of your site. Get your theme now and enjoy! is a fully responsive, cross-browser, cross-platform, SEO friendly, WordPress theme. It has been developed in a very intuitive way which makes the setup and theme customization very easy and intuitive.
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Ducklings Theme [32|64bit] [Latest] 2022

• Includes all ducklings
• All ducklings are the same size
• Cute theme for all types of computer
A DISCLAIMER: No one is responsible for any messed up images that may come up while using this theme. Although Keymacro wants you to use this theme for commercial uses only.
I hope you enjoy this theme as much as we enjoyed making it and sharing it with you all!

Play with the LED colors by tweaking a small amount of code and have fun with this “flip-flop” light.

This is an app built with the intention of teaching children about basic coding and how to use the Arduino to control lights.

There are 3 main functions.

Each of the ‘actors’ have their own function to perform. ‘Wake’ starts the program and is connected to a button. The ‘Flip’ and ‘Flop’ are connected to the LEd port.

It works by reading the state of the LEd pin. The LED will go dark when the LEd pin is low and lights up when it is high.

The program is coded so that it will go through a series of states, read the pin and then perform an action. If the user presses a button, the program will run and perform an action.

It has been tested in IOS, Android and Windows.

In addition, the app also has a ‘Save’ function. When it is pressed it will write the state of the pin to a text file.

Before the first line of code there is a call to ‘setup’, which means that we are going to ‘setup’ the pins we will be using. The pins are named so that we can easily refer to them in the code. We will need:

Pin 14 for the button

Pin 5 for the LEd port

Pin 13 for the LED

The setup function is required and is needed to initialize all the variables used to run the program. It takes in an ‘int’ which tells it what pin we are going to use.

The ‘setup’ function has to be the first function called after the board has been initialized.

function setup()





Ducklings Theme

1) Unpacked, theme allows for no editing and will install its own setup files.
2) Different skins and fonts can be used.
3) Creative animations can be used to make the theme even more lively.
4) Of course there are many ways to customize and change the entire look of the theme to match your needs.
Other Theme Features:

Mowing the lawn can be a daunting task for any homeowner. You’ve got to put your lawnmower away, plan out your mowing strategy, and actually cut the grass. With this Lawnmower Mowing Theorem theme for the Avada theme, it’s easy to plan out your next lawnmowing expedition.

So, put the lawnmower away, grab your gloves, grab a drink, and take a look at this Avada theme.

Lawnmower Mowing Theorem Theme Description:

1) Unpacked, theme allows for no editing and will install its own setup files.
2) Different skins and fonts can be used.
3) Creative animations can be used to make the theme even more lively.
4) Of course there are many ways to customize and change the entire look of the theme to match your needs.
5) 12 different lawn mowers to choose from.
6) Several grass types to choose from.
7) Lawnmowers will cut the grass at different speeds and with different shears.
8) Decide whether you want mowing to be a minute countdown timer, or can mow for a set amount of time.
9) Choose between 2 different blade types (short & long)
10) The theme includes separate tools for each blade type (so you don’t have to use both blade types at once)
11) The mower blades are preset and you have the option to choose your blades and blade type.
Other Theme Features:

Well that was a long one, but we are back! Avada 2.2 is a big update and here’s what’s included:

1) Avada Support for WordPress 5.0 (which can be run on WordPress 5.0 and above)
2) WordPress 5.0 compatability fixes
3) Many bug fixes
4) Updated translations
5) Added new Avada plugin
6) New Avada Theme section
7) Updated documentation
8) New Avada theme
9) Updated Avada support

What’s New in the Ducklings Theme?

File Size:
35 MB

System Requirements For Ducklings Theme:

OS: Windows XP
Windows Vista
Windows 7
Windows 8
Windows 10
Mac OS X
Linux *
Processor: 1.5 GHz, Athlon, Core Duo, Opteron, PowerPC
GPU: Nvidia 9600M GS 512 MB, AMD Radeon HD 3470 512 MB, Intel HD 4000
Video: Nvidia Geforce 9600 GT, AMD Radeon HD 4850
DirectX: Version 9.0c
HDD: 10 GB