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Mr Tomtom, I was checking out the TomTom Safety and Security section, not sure if this will affect the M727. I googled it and it says that it might cause the GPS not to work on the M727. Is that true? Thanks

The chapter on Voice Control gives a brief overview of Siri, the virtual assistant accessible through the multitasking control bar at the bottom of the screen. Heals reviews the basics of how to use your voice to set alarms, search for content, and get more information about the contents of your smartphone, including a listing of all the apps installed on your phone. He also highlights the importance of making Siri-driven actions contextually aware, giving commands only when appropriate. The chapter concludes with a thorough review of the iOS 10 Maps features and the feature allowing voice-based directions. He also takes readers deep into the process of overlaying maps, something he did in the chapter about Street Views, and the software’s capability of recognizing streets, buildings, parks, and other objects. The bottom line for voice-based directions in iOS 10 is that they work, but only if they are made aware of all the possible things Siri can do.

It’s now possible to slide easily between the landscapes of Europe and Asia, thanks to the wonders of Google Maps. No matter where you are in the world, you can access locally relevant information about the places you’ve seen. Or you can slide between towns, neighborhoods, and even buildings. Use the Google Earth app for iPad to zoom out for a bird’s-eye view of the world, or zoom in to explore the streets and destinations that matter most to you.

Its different this time. The traffic data is superb. When you reach a junction, the app will tell you whether it would be faster to head left or right. If you look at the navigation on the Google Maps screen, youll notice three red dots appear at the top of the screen, indicating which route is best for your speed, even though the nav page doesnt tell you that. Even better, the offline maps feature does a fine job. Mostly, it just needs the navigation from the online Google Maps to be in sync with it. Theres a couple of snags: when you enter a new address it will try and find a local offline map instead of feeding you directions, so that you can get it just right. And it doesnt always download your phone in the exact order you set it to download. If youve set it to download your picture files first, itll download your photo album first, even if youve scrolled past most of the photos on your phone. And if youve set it to download your maps last, it wont download them at all.
Offline Joined: Tue May 18, 2010 12:51 pm Posts: 13526 Los Roncos wrote:1. Hi, anybody knows, how to make tomtom one or the other option, one when you have internet connection and another when you dont? I have the same in my iberia ( vodafone ) telephone and it works good, with tomtom one. I have changed my os from windows vista to windows 7 and it doesnt work any more. I want to make tomtom as same, please help me if you have any suggestions
Separate modes of travel offer some versatility in the route-planning stage, with walking, driving and public transport features offering speed and dropoffs. A checkpoint on the way to the gondola is an excellent chance to explore the area. This is where BlindSquare meets the awesome data that is easily downloadable from the TomTom website. Each downloaded route gives you a lane to use for cycling.