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Check your email. What do you think?So download the file via this method as well.Q:

Should I use a condenser microphone?

I’ve been using my old condenser microphone for years, and I don’t like the sound of the microphone
It’s loud enough, but I would like to hear some soft sounds to be able to

to hear what I’m recording in a quieter environment

I’ve recently picked up a Logitech UE610.
Should I use this condenser mic as well?
My parameters:

Logitech UE610

I have a Sony E 1550 and a Nikon D 5300.


Mic is not the problem. It is your fault that you don’t hear enough soft sounds. You should go for a pair of high powered headphones, or better yet, a pair of studio headphones (same as your audio interface, not that cheap-looking box)
There are many, many reasons why you should always have high powered headphones. There is a brand new Ubuntu podcast going (remixxed) where two of the guys (Randy and I) talk about them.


I would use a condenser. You get more crisp details and clarity with one. Try to research condenser vs. dynamic to get a better idea of how they will sound together. But I would keep them separate to avoid cross-talk.
To set them up correctly, make sure the microphone is capturing the sound in front of the mic and not just the sound bouncing off of the mic. Too much direct sound, not enough sound.
Here is an interesting FAQ on condensers.

Neurocognitive and Psychological Functioning in Children After Myocardial Infarction: A 9-Year Follow-Up.
To assess neurocognitive functioning (NCF) and psychological adjustment 9 years after childhood myocardial infarction (MI). Sixty children (50% boys), median age 9 years at MI (6-14 years) were assessed with a questionnaire and a standardized test battery (Kinder-DIKJ). Eighty-five percent of the participants were alive at follow-up and 74% participated in the assessment. Changes in NCF were determined by comparing the index MI with the age- and gender-matched normative data. Psychopathology was measured with the Child Behavior Checklist (CBCL) and Major Depression Inventory-child version (MDI