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Convene is a simple and secure system for conducting web meetings. It offers three different types of meetings; Full – allows you to present and collaborate with a group of attendees, Full Presentation – allows you to present an application in the web browser, and Private – allows you to present a window on your desktop for a group of attendees to collaborate on. You can easily join a meeting in the system from a link, or use your email address to be added as an attendee. Private meetings are always secure, without any charges for joining. Convene is the only meeting solution on the market that offers options to share your desktop with a meeting, or to share your desktop for every meeting you participate in. It allows you to collaborate and work in-browser, without leaving your desktop. For private meetings you can add many different attendees, automatically add their status to the chat at the meeting (if they are active), add them to your address book, and record and playback for later review. There is no sign up to attend your meeting, it is all free.Tissue accumulation of (14)C-2,4-dichlorophenoxyacetic acid after oral administration to two field-collected American eel populations.
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KEYMACRO features collaboration tools including whiteboard, discussion, and messaging. It’s an easy and scalable solution for working in groups or virtual teams.
KEYMACRO is a Web meeting solution that was designed for ease of use and outstanding performance.
KEYMACRO offers the following features:
– Innovative WebRTC for flawless audio and video streaming
– Integrated video chatting with the ability to share your desktop or current application
– Fully scalable meetings where each session and participant can be on any Internet connection
– Join a meeting from your contact list and work with the same data as other attendees
– Personalize your Web meetings using your favorite browser with extensions that enable you to block annoying websites
– Record meetings for later review and replay
– Share and share alike with integration with multiple programs like Google Drive, Dropbox, Amazon S3, and the Public URL API
– Whiteboard with markup tools to collaborate on documents, spreadsheets, presentations, drawings, and forms
– Discuss multiple topics in a discussion forum
– Video and file messaging that is the same as real-time video calling
– Works with popular Web browsers that include Google Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Safari, and Microsoft Internet Explorer 11
– 60-minute trial version

The video quality was a little disappointing, for a PC solution, and a little to buggy. But the meeting space is amazing, with features you need for a virtual whiteboard and conference space. Lots of plugins for common desktop software, but will need to use a bit of VMWare if using other OS.

Strong Message – January 27, 2015

Reviewer: Sajeev – Australia

I am very satisfied with the customer support and service.

I am happy with this solution


Easy to Setup – January 27, 2015

Reviewer: James Randerson – United Kingdom

I’ve been using VideoMeeting for over a year and it’s been an excellent service.

It was very easy to set up. The hosted area itself looks very professional and I didn’t need to download anything. The only downside is the limited 30-minute video call time, which may not be a problem for some.

My Biggest Problem – January 27, 2015

Reviewer: Grant Jones – United Kingdom

There are no instructions on how to integrate with Google App engine, so how do you get it working? The software looks great but it seems a little too complex

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What’s New in the Convene?

Convene is a Web meeting solution that was designed for ease of use and outstanding performance. This system offers the following features: whiteboard with markup tools; options to share your desktop, a particular application, or a window; meeting chat; two way voice; record and playback for later review; free desktop chat with awareness, address book, and status controls; and guests attend your meeting for free so no hassles with attendee signup. All of this comes with trusted security and SSL encryption.
■ DirectX for 2-way voice
■ 60-minute working trialNews

Going Solo: The Sun Records experience

27 April 2010

A few months ago, I wrote a piece about how the music industry was trying to change its image. Specifically, how it was trying to convince people that artists can still thrive on their own, without record labels. And, they still do. Case in point: Jonathan Richman.

Richman’s career spanned nearly four decades and he recorded eight critically acclaimed solo albums. Some of his best work was released on labels like Vanguard, Leng Tch’e and Bar None, but the lion’s share of his recordings have been issued on his own Soundgarden label. So much so, that in addition to touring on his own and releasing eight solo albums, Richman also kept a studio open for the past decade and a half.

In contrast to the model used by his peers, Richman wouldn’t record an album without first establishing a contract with a record label. But, at the time I wrote the article, Richman had just self-released three albums on his own, so he wasn’t advocating for an end to contracts altogether.

I haven’t seen Richman’s new album, Greasy Willy, but a friend of mine lent me the entire Vanguard catalog to sample. It’s a terrific record, and with songs like “Didn’t Have to Be So Hard”, “Mother’s Been on My Mind” and “Wooly Bully”, I can tell you that his relationship with the label has been positive, to say the least.

In a way, it’s refreshing to hear that his solo career hasn’t been without the influence of his record label. In the late 1990s, record companies were embracing the internet, and then iTunes, and trying to turn that into a viable revenue stream. It’s only natural that as a result, record labels would start to send artists out with pluggers, and force them to record promotional material in advance of their album release.

However, it makes sense that Richman took a different route. In an email to the Scene, Richman said “the industry in general is in a transitional time right now and the old business model is being attacked by new services like iTunes and MySpace” and suggested that, “being

System Requirements For Convene:

1. Windows XP/Vista/7 ( 32/64bit)
2. DirectX 9.0 or later
3. 512MB RAM
4. 300MHz or greater CPU
5. 4 GB Hard Drive space
Install Notes:
1. You must run this game as Administrator.
2. You will install a driver for this game. (If you don’t already have it, you can download the latest NVIDIA driver from the NVIDIA website, or if you have an older NVIDIA card, you can use the NVIDIA installer