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CodeGuide was the first Java IDE with intelligent coding features like pioneered back-in-time debugging and on-the-fly error analysis in a commercial tool
All functionality of CodeGuide 8 is also included in X-develop 1.2. Thus if you already use X-develop 1.2 installing CodeGuide 8 is not necessary. X-develop licenses are also valid for CodeGuide.
CodeGuide’s refactoring tools allow you to automatically modify your software in such a way that it does not alter the external behavior of the code, yet improves its internal structure
CodeGuide comes with a multi-target GUI designer that supports Swing and AWT applications are supported. The GUI builder features an intuitive table-based user interface. Layouts created with it look great on all screen resolutions and behave well when being resized. GUI layouts can be cut and pasted between applications, even cross-language. That way GUI designs can be easily ported to other targets.
CodeGuide is based on a multi-language core engine which includes an open API to extend it for new languages. It is possible to bring advanced features including refactoring and error checking to any desired language.


Download »

Download »






CodeGuide Crack Keygen Full Version X64 [Latest-2022]

CodeGuide is a modular open source Java IDE. It supports all the latest features available in the current version of Java IDE: intelligent code analysis, refactoring, and intelligent code navigation. It is not the fastest or the most feature-rich IDE available on the market, but it is, simply, the most powerful. The main strength of CodeGuide is its extraordinary flexibility and extendibility. It allows for bringing the latest IDE capabilities to any desired language. The “Java world”, here, does not mean just one language, but any other language running on any platform on which Java is available. In this regard, CodeGuide is very similar to Eclipse, which supports many languages through plugins. The major difference is, that while CodeGuide is free and open source, Eclipse is commercial.
In the current version of CodeGuide there are two GUI layout components: Swing and AWT. Swing (one of the two GUI layouts for CodeGuide) is a cross-platform GUI component. That is, the same GUI components can be used for GUIs created in any language, platform and GUI toolkit. That means, CodeGuide supports GUI components for Swing and AWT. Thus, it is possible to create GUI applications in Java and to write the GUI in any desired language.
The AWT layout component of CodeGuide is only available in Java version 5 and higher. The Java 2/3 compatibility layer will be available in the future releases of CodeGuide. The AWT component of CodeGuide is being developed together with the AWT Layout in Eclipse. The Java 2/3 compatibility layer will be available in future CodeGuide releases.
It is a paid up-to-date update of CodeGuide. So it is not a new version. You can check it from
CodeGuide is a paid up-to-date update of CodeGuide. So it is not a new version. You can check it from
CodeGuide 8 will be available in the 1st quarter of 2009 at no extra cost. The new version is actually the latest codebase.
Please do not hesitate to ask any questions.
Alexei Shpyrko

The advantage of NetBeans is it’s Web apps module, and it is a perfect, integrated tool for app development. The main disadvantage is that it is more difficult to learn than NetBeans

CodeGuide Crack Activation Key Download [Win/Mac]

1. CodeGuide Crack Mac 8 is for Java programmers.
2. The “user friendly” interface of CodeGuide 8 is similar to what is used by the X-develop 1.2 IDE.
3. The CodeGuide code editor is based on the X-develop code editor, which is standard for the X-develop 1.2 IDE.
4. The “smart” features of CodeGuide 8 are the same as in the X-develop 1.2 IDE.
5. An overview of CodeGuide 8.
6. A comparison with the X-develop 1.2 IDE.
7. A comparison of refactoring with the X-develop 1.2 IDE.
8. A refactoring tutorial with the X-develop 1.2 IDE.
9. How to start CodeGuide 8 and how to install it.
10. How to configure CodeGuide 8.
11. How to install and configure the plug-ins.
12. How to add new features.
13. How to extend the IDE’s language services.
14. How to use the GUI designer.
15. How to customize the look and feel of the interface and the code editor.
16. What code you can write.
17. How to write a new language for CodeGuide 8.
18. How to write a plug-in for CodeGuide 8.
19. How to contribute to CodeGuide 8.
20. How to use a website to report bugs and request features.
21. How to contribute to a website.
22. How to report a bug.
23. How to report a feature request.
24. How to run the tests for CodeGuide 8.
25. How to contribute to the IDE.
26. How to contribute to X-develop 1.2.
27. License and Copyright.
28. For licensing and buying information.Q:

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CodeGuide 8 includes a complete refactoring functionality, both context sensitive and global. Whether it’s a nested method or a class, over 2,000 pattern and reoccurring code fragments, or even a whole project of yours, CodeGuide will help you find and modify the code that causes you grief. This comprehensive refactoring is supported by the revolutionary on-the-fly error checking mechanism, which checks Java source code while you type, highlight or debug. This greatly speeds up your development process and prevents bugs that would otherwise be introduced by your wrong coding style.
CodeGuide also includes the ability to add dozens of templates of code and class fields, and even autocomplete templates. Class and field templates are grouped together in powerful classes that can be dragged and dropped into projects and integrated into a project quickly and easily.
Besides refactoring and error checking, CodeGuide is a complete Java IDE for editing, debugging, and development. It includes all popular language features like completion, error checking, highlighing, etc.



Download the installer for CodeGuide from the download page.

Next, unpack the archive and double click on the “CodeGuide_8_Setup.exe” file to install the product on your PC.

Finish the installation by running the program.


Program crashes

Check the log file for the program.

Note: You can copy the log file to your desktop and use a web browser to view it.

File open/save dialogs and system windows not displayed


Deinstall X-develop from the list of installed programs, reboot your computer, and reinstall it.

Unable to run the program


Click here to download the full version of X-develop and run the full version to install.

Unable to edit files


Remove the CodeGuide configuration files from your “C:\Program Files\Eclipse” folder.

Unable to create new Java projects


Remove the CodeGuide configuration files from your “C:\Program Files\Eclipse” folder.

Unable to debug projects


Click here to download the full version of X-develop and run the full version to install.

Unable to close the “File Editor” windows


Run the program in “Safe Mode”

What’s New In?

System Requirements For CodeGuide:

Minimum Specifications:
OS: Windows 7, 8, 10
Processor: Intel Core i5
Memory: 6GB RAM
Graphics: NVIDIA Geforce GTX 970
Video Card: NVIDIA Geforce GTX 970
Hard Disk: 18 GB Free Hard Disk Space
Sound Card: None
DirectX: Version 11
Supported Platforms:
Windows 7, 8, 8.1, 10
64-bit Operating System only
Internet Connection:
Broadband Internet Connection

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