Cdr King Bluetooth Dongle Driver [UPD]

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Cdr King Bluetooth Dongle Driver

several bluetooth products on the market have a 100m range but require a pairing process to communicate with them. for example, the bluetooth pan networking system (bnts). the bnts is a compact and lightweight solution for pan networks. it can communicate with other bntss and enables the user to use bluetooth at the enterprise level.

if you want to use your bl654 usb dongle with a windows pc you need to download and install the “usb controller host driver” from the bluegiga website, for bluegiga usb host development, this can be done via the bluegiga sdk included in the drivers.

a bluetooth dongle is a very simple circuit that connects to the pcb and contains a bluetooth chip. there are many bluetooth chips in the market. the choice of which one to use is dependent upon which features you require. the two main types of bluetooth chips are uart (bluetooth serial) and i2c (bluetooth i2c). a uart chip has a serial port of 64k bits and a i2c chip has a master/slave pair of 8 bits. there is also one of the new bluetooth types, c2dm, that uses the 3.5mm audio jack. it uses a uart at 1mb/s and a i2c at 100kb/s.

as the device allows the ability to change the i2c address, it can be used for multiple applications. this is not currently supported by the driver however, it would be a good addition. for now, it must be used on the same i2c bus as the smartbasic module.

you can obtain the i2c address from the bluegiga website. here is the link:

the bl654 bluetooth usb dongle is a uart device that can be configured to work either as a bluetooth dongle or a usb dongle. as a bluetooth device it operates at 3.3v and supports both the serial and i2c protocols. it is not a bluetooth networking device, it will only communicate with other bluetooth devices. in this case the bl654 is acting as a bluetooth serial device and can be connected directly to another bluetooth device, like a computer, smartphone or other bluetooth enabled device. the only requirement for using the dongle is the bluetooth radio in the device.

the bl654 is designed to provide you the most advanced programming and development environment for bluetooth. it features a very low-power nordic nrf52840 microcontroller and is designed to be used with the bl654 bluetooth core and bl654 bluetooth dongle. this provides you with a cost-effective solution for designing low-power, secure and robust bluetooth le and iot applications. to boot, the bl654 bluetooth dongle has an integrated usb host interface, allowing for direct access to the microcontroller and extending your development environment to the usb otg port. this is the first bluetooth module to be powered by the nordic silicon. it is also the first to provide an industry-leading microcontroller design that can be quickly programmed with a variety of development tools, such as the nordic sdk, smartbasic and tasm.
the bl654 provides you with an embeddable 32 bit cortex-m4f, a bluetooth low energy (ble) and m-bus compliant, full-featured microcontroller that is ideal for iot applications. it is a cortex-m4f core and features a native mpu with a 64 kbyte of ram. the bl654 is available in packages from 2 kbyte to 8 kbyte and is compatible with up to 8 different cortex-m4f applications. all packages provide a simple bootloader to facilitate programming.
to facilitate rapid development, the bl654 comes with the nordic sdk and smartbasic. the smartbasic can be accessed via the usb host interface on the bl654 bluetooth dongle. the sdk is compatible with both linux and windows, while the smartbasic requires windows. both the sdk and smartbasic have a build-in debugger and can be used to inspect and debug the bl654 microcontroller during development.