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Roblox is a free-to-play MMO construction game that allows children to participate in innovative gameplay designed to develop their creative and imaginative abilities, rather than their memory and logic skills. Roblox games integrate rich media and 3D modeling that increases the programming abilities and depth of gameplay. Players are able to create a 3D virtual world using a smartphone, tablet, or desktop. It is Roblox’s mission to provide children with a safe online platform that encourages imagination and creativity.
Users are able to create games and play the games of others. Users can also create their own content, using their own characters, environments, objects, and creative abilities.
Gameplay comes in three different forms. In sandbox mode, the player is free to go wherever they want in the game world. In this mode, players choose their own play-style and objectives. In adventure mode, the players are given quests and tasks to complete. Finally, in survival mode, players fend for themselves and build their own world by gathering resources and fending off monsters and other players that might harm them.
On December 14, 2011, the platform underwent a major software update called the “The Roblox Experience”.[3] The major changes included a new UI that allowed for improved navigation in the apps. These new UI features were designed to make games easier to navigate, as well as for the first time allow users to subscribe to user generated content instead of relying on developers to post it.[4]
The platform has also seen a number of changes. In 2010, Roblox introduced a new subscription model which was later changed to a three-tiered system[4] with a free Robux account, the Roblox Studio, and the Pro Studio. On May 8, 2010, Roblox introduced the Studio,[5] which allows for a free user account and access to a suite of development tools and content creation features. The Studio was introduced to provide players with an easier time creating content for the platform, which makes Roblox more socially friendly in the eyes of the company.[6]
A former free account allows players to play Roblox, but to not create any content or play games that are not hosted by the Roblox platform. Roblox Studio is an account that allows for limited content creation, such as user profiles, avatars, and games, but does not provide access to many of the other functions available in the Roblox Studio.
The Pro Studio is another account that allows users to


Name can you unblock on roblox
Publisher Admin
Format File
Rating 4.55 / 5 ( 8278 votes )
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Some of the things that are considered in these cases could include:
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– Account banned because of too many affiliate partners.
– Account banned because of taking advantage of others.
– Account banned because of hacking.
There are many more potential reasons of why an account could be banned. If the above test do not work, the next step is to contact Game Support at
Keep in mind, that you will likely have to prove you are a legitimate player. Since no one actually plays this game. If they had a mode where you have to play against other players, that would make things easier, and you could talk to them first. But you will have to be able to prove it through documentation.
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