Caligula 1979 Unrated 720p Hd

it is not known how long caligula (1979) was available on the videodisc market, however, when it was released on videodisc it ran for about 56 minutes and was only available in pal format. it was released in america by wizard video under the title a clockwork orange in 1979. there are a number of reasons why it was so hard to obtain the uncut version. it was never released on videocassette, but was only on videodisc. it was also given a very poor video transfer. there is still a very small market for this version, mainly in europe.

the soundtrack is composed by georges delerue, who also composed the original music for the 1965 film. the songs have been arranged and performed by the london symphony orchestra. the english-language track listing for the film’s soundtrack is as follows: “caesar’s song,” “ode to the sun,” “the madness of caligula,” “the death of cleopatra,” “the affair of the imperial mares,” “the death of messalina,” “the slave of the triclinium,” “the burning of rome,” “the transformation of rome,” “the dream of a fire,” “the triumphal return,” “the frenzy of the emperor,” “the end of the night,” “the last night of cleopatra,” “the last night of the emperor,” “the madness of caligula,” and “the death of the last emperor.”

special features and technical specs:

paul macveigh (the journal of roman studies, 1963, 58, london 1963, ‘caligula’, and ‘dio cassius and the roman empire’, london 1967, 279-300, ‘the games of caligula’, the journal of roman studies, 58 (1963), london 1963, 115-27) points out that the evidence of the sources for caligula’s reign is not reliable and that they are written by non-romans, who have clearly prejudged their case. the most probable explanation of the succession is that it was brought about by a coup d’état, and that caligula was assassinated by his own bodyguards. he further suggests that caligula was disturbed when he was young by the sight of a private toilet which he used, and that this may have affected his mental balance. he concludes that the evidence for madness in the later years of caligula’s reign is unconvincing.

the other thing about caligula is that he didn’t really like his brother. he tried to play a game with him, and it didn’t turn out well. the movie makes a point of depicting the general’s anxiety over his brother’s health. it also portrays the rivalry between the brothers as a kind of contest, in which the elder brother is portrayed as trying to humiliate the younger one. in one scene, caligula’s older brother, claudius, shows up at a party, and the characters dance together. on the surface, there seems to be a happy relationship between the brothers.
for over two centuries, the mystery of caligula’s bizarre reign has tantalized readers and viewers alike. caligula remains perhaps the most fascinating and enigmatic figure in ancient history. no one is sure what drove this singular man to assume the role of rome’s emperor. was he insane? or was he, perhaps, a cunning genius who created an impenetrable facade of madness to hide his intellect and skill? for over two centuries, the mystery of caligula’s bizarre reign has tantalized readers and viewers alike. in this fascinating book, acclaimed historian and filmmaker dr. robert caro examines the nature of power as it is wrested from caesar in a gripping chronicle of the most infamous reign in roman history.
maureen orth says: caligula: the untold story is a serious, meticulously researched historical novel that deserves to be read by anyone who wants to better understand the nature of power and the story of the reign of tiberius caesar. robert caro’s ambitious, gothic history of the last roman emperor follows the twisted career of caligula and his mother, the equally ruthless germanicus drusilla, from childhood through their rise to power and during their tragically short reign from ad 37-41.