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This application, developed by book2, is designed to enable its user to evaluate the similarity of two languages. To achieve this, a number of real sentences are translated into the source language and the translated version is played. The user compares the source and the translated versions. This functionality is currently limited to Dutch to English and English to Dutch.
Version: 1.0
System requirements:
Windows 8

Welcome to the version 1.1 of my language trainer “book1: English – German”.
This update will make the interface easier to use and increase the usability of the program.
The browser-based features of book1 can be used without registering.
If you prefer a full offline version of my trainer, you can download the standalone file from this page.
Please provide feedback, which you can use to improve the trainer even further.
Please note that some of my trainer products, especially the language trainer “book2: German – English”, are available at the book2 website.
Happy learning!

Welcome to the free online version of book1: English – German
book1 is a browser-based language trainer that is easy to use. Book1 is highly effective as it provides fast, comprehensive and effective language training in around 100 lessons. The lessons are presented in a short and simple way with the main focus on comprehension.
The program makes it easy for the user to learn the vocabulary and allows you to quickly improve the spoken language proficiency and the reading skills.
The lessons come with Audio files, that can be used during a meal or during an exercise at the gym. You can easily move the audio files to your mp3-player and listen to them any time you like. Book1 offers you the best language learning experience ever!
A note on the course content: Book1 English – German offers 100 lessons covering the following topics:
• Vocabulary – An overview of the vocabularies of German and English, and practical exercises to increase the vocabulary knowledge
• Grammar – A basic description of the different tenses, the verb conjugation, the verb forms and a lot more…
• Listening – exercises to increase your listening skills
• Speaking – exercises to increase your speaking skills
• Reading – exercises to increase your reading skills
• Writing – exercises to increase your writing skills
If you have a computer with an internet connection, and you prefer a full offline version of book1, you can download it from this page.

Enjoy this free English to

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KEYMACRO, is a free source code for creating and managing a “Key Macro” which can be activated by a GUI, or via any of its listed commands.
KEYMACRO features the following:
– A “Key Macro” is a shortcut to a keystroke, or a command. 
– Key macros can be saved to a file and named, or configured directly in the Key Macro GUI. 
– Macro data is stored in a file or database (and can be accessed via ODBC), or in memory.
– Macro data can include plain text, or extended data (objects, collections, etc.).
– Macro data can be saved when the “Key Macro” is closed.
– Macro data can be accessed via an ODBC connection, or directly. 
– The Key Macro functionality can be accessed and tested in the Key Macro GUI, or by
any of its listed commands. 
– An example of how to use the Key Macro functionality is included in the source code.
– Both Key Macro and Key Macro Related files can be extracted to zip files.
– The Key Macro GUI is fully customizable.
– The Key Macro GUI is designed to be easy to learn. 
– The Key Macro GUI provides a “Key Macro Editor”. 
– The Key Macro GUI provides a “Search” functionality, which can be used to search for a key stroke.
– The Key Macro GUI provides a “Project” functionality, which can be used to store data in files and databases, or to collect data from ODBC.
– The Key Macro GUI provides a “Macro Database” functionality, which can be used to store macro information.
– The Key Macro GUI provides a “Macro Browser” functionality, which can be used to open a list of macros and their data.
– The Key Macro GUI can be accessed in any directory, or remotely via the Internet. 
– Any of the listed commands can be used to test the functionality of the Key Macro GUI,
or to activate the Key Macro functionality. 
– To access the Key Macro functionality, run Benchmark.exe and choose the Key Macro from its options.
Key Macro Example:
This example shows how to create and execute a Key Macro named “Bar”. The Key Macro takes the two keystrokes: “b” and “a”, and executes the two lines:

Benchmark Free

Benchmark reads command line export values from the arguments, converts them to string values for the specified performance metrics, runs the exporter and measures the execution time. It then converts the execution time to its corresponding performance metric value and returns it.
The performance metrics specified on the command line are:
Name – Specifies the performance metric to be measured.

Name Value

Parameters Value

Name Value

Parameters Value

Name Value

Parameters Value

1. Scales 10,000,000 entities by sending them to the database
2. Scale 1000 entities by sending them to the database
3. Scales 10 entities by sending them to the database


This is a really hard question to answer. In my experience, the development time you spend in the IDE does not scale linearly with the size of the project. Especially if you are building and testing multiple permutations of the app with variations in the controls and the layout. I just recently put the same app on my dev laptop, desktop, and netbook…all with different windows on the different desktops and the different ways I work. I was never close to where I was comfortable on all 3, so I would say you are at best 30-40% of the way there.
It seems you have tried to build the app to be as extensible as possible, which makes your task even more difficult. If you can not get past these hurdles, you have probably already spent more time on the development than is reasonable. It sounds like you need to try to simplify the app to the extent that you can get to a point where it is testable.
You should not need to give us a large sample to get an idea of how long it will take. It seems you should be able to work up a few scenarios, build them, run them, and get back a good idea of the time it takes to build, run and analyze the data. I would not attempt to spend more time than that unless you are certain the longer task is warranted by the scope of the app.
Once you have this down, you will probably have a good idea of how long it will take you to complete it and you will be able to project a reasonable time frame for completing the app. If it takes more than the projected time, you should either accept that fact and work on another app or try to understand why you can not complete it in that time.

What’s New In?

The default version of Benchmark, provided with Windows, is suitable for
performance measurement of a single computer. Benchmark version 2, which
runs on other systems, is a multi-computer program. Benchmark version 3,
for Windows, was developed by Lawrence and Elizalde, and later extended
by other colleagues to include other features. The Benchmark package
includes the following:

– Benchmark.jar:
The main program, which is run by double-clicking on the file
Benchmark.jar. It accepts the following command-line parameters:
\t – config (three files)
\t – run (the file from which to generate results)
\t – tot (a file containing the name of a total number of
tests to be run)
\t – th (specify the number of threads to use)
\t – time (specify the time (minutes) to spend)
\t – rtime (specify the number of attempts to run)
\t – temp (specify the temporary file to use)
\t – verbose (if set to 1, it will be more verbose, and show
the times and the total number of tests)
\t – help (prints the help message)
\t – beta (version 3)
\t – fps (outputs a file with the FPS (frames per second)
in case of benchmarking)

– time.jar:
An utility program that reads the file time.txt, prints the
elapsed time in the format:
user time (real)

System Requirements:

1GB of available RAM
OpenGL 2.0 compatible graphics card
Cutter: [ (2.0)]
Decorations: []
Weapons: [