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The different types of wireless network connection are described below: Ad-hoc wireless: This type of network is set up between two or more wireless .
You can use it on WLAN networks that support secure authentication.
Wireless roaming: It allows devices .
This is the most commonly used wireless networking connection. It allows users to travel from one network to the .
Another way to use a router is to share a local network with other computers on the network.
To be able to connect to a local network or other network, you must have an IP address.
Thus, if you want to connect your network with other networks, you need to have a DNS server and
a router to help in this process.

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Other wireless networking protocols such as IEEE 802.11 b/g/n are less popular and are not covered here.
A key advantage of wireless networking is that it is extremely fast.
Advantages include less infrastructure, smaller capital investment, and no wires needed.
When you create a wireless network with an access point or wireless router, you need to perform the following steps:Alexander Cornelius

Alexander Cornelius (bapt. 14 January 1686 – d. 19 February 1735) was a German baroque composer.

He was born in Greifswald, in the present-day Thüringen, Germany as the son of Johann Casper Cornelius (c. 1652 – 1720), organist at the Stadtkirche Greifswald, and Anna Dorothea Bock.

He was tutor to Jakob Friedrich Härtel (the Younger). From 1712 to 1724 he studied composition and music theory with Nicolaus Siret. In 1727 he moved to Dresden, where he became a student of Fasch. He died there in 1735.

He wrote a Gottesfreud – Messe with a Gloria for four solo voices and choir and 12 parts.


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It’s not always necessary to have a plan before you start a sales call, but it’s wise to have one at the beginning of your call. This written .
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Get system registry data programmatically

I have this class to read some registry keys
class PublicPropertyValue
// Properties
public string path { get; set; }
public string value { get; set; }
public string key { get; set; }
public bool isReg { get; set; }
public string dataType { get; set; }

// Constructor
public PublicPropertyValue()
path = string.Empty;
value = string.Empty;
key = string.Empty;
isReg = true;

// Read/write methods
public string ReadValue()
return this.dataType;

public void Read(string value)
this.value = System.IO.File.ReadAllText(@”HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\********”);

public void Write(string path, string value, string key)
this.path = path;
this.value = value;
this.key = key;
this.isReg = false;

// Get registry value
public string GetValue()
// return System.Console.ReadLine();
return this.value;