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AutoCAD 23.1 Crack With Key [Win/Mac]


AutoCAD is used for architectural, mechanical, and engineering design. It is available for the Microsoft Windows, Macintosh, and UNIX platforms. It is available as a Windows desktop application (for use in personal computers and/or workstations), a Mac desktop application (for use in Power Macs and Intel Macs), and as a web app (for use on mobile and web-enabled devices).


AutoCAD is a commercial product and is only available for purchase by authorized users through Autodesk. The product is available for purchase as part of a subscription service. There are two types of subscriptions: AutoCAD Maintenance for those who own an AutoCAD product; and AutoCAD LT for those who do not own an AutoCAD product but need to use it in their business.

The subscription offers a set amount of use per month. After paying for a subscription, a user can access all the functionality of AutoCAD as long as they have not exceeded their allotment of AutoCAD use. For example, if a user has 10 GB of use per month on their subscription, they would be limited to 10 GB of use per month. AutoCAD is accessible with a Microsoft account or through a local or domain account. There is a 90 day trial for users who are interested in trial versions.

The version of AutoCAD for use varies depending on the subscription. The free subscription (AutoCAD LT) allows the user to access the most basic features of the application and view three-dimensional (3D) construction drawings. The Standard subscription (AutoCAD Maintenance) provides access to AutoCAD’s core features and can create, edit, and modify drawings and layers in two dimensions (2D) and in 3D. The Premium subscription (AutoCAD Professional) provides the same access to AutoCAD’s core features as the Standard subscription, and also allows creation of 3D objects and animations.

Users can access the AutoCAD product through one of the web-enabled versions available, or via a direct download to their computer or mobile device. The desktop versions of AutoCAD can be downloaded from the Windows Store or macOS App Store. The mobile versions of AutoCAD can be accessed through the iOS App Store or Google Play Store.


Features vary with the type of subscription, but are common to all versions:

Concepts are pre-built blocks that are available and

AutoCAD 23.1 X64

ObjectARX is an interface that can be used in AutoCAD Activation Code products and in AutoCAD extensions. ObjectARX provides a full C++ object model with functions that allow the user to interact with AutoCAD objects.
ObjectARX has a.NET interface that is available in AutoCAD Architectural and other products.

AutoCAD API function – all functions can be found at

Architectural templates
These templates are meant to be used for various construction projects and are organized in categories. They can also be used by developers for customization and extension.

Web Direct

This is the main template for web development. It is available for web and mobile applications. It contains the programming environment needed to code Autodesk’s products.


This is a set of functions for the integration of Autodesk software in an application. It is available to Autodesk’s partners.


ObjectARX is the most important extension of AutoCAD architecture. It provides the base for AutoCAD extensions and enables AutoCAD users to create new objects and processes.

AutoCAD Architecture

AutoCAD Architecture is an extension for Autodesk Architectural products. It is available for Autodesk’s partners and provides a framework for building web and mobile applications.

Mobile Applications

AutoCAD Mobile App

AutoCAD Mobile App is an Android app for creating drawings, viewing files and annotating a map.

AutoCAD Map App

AutoCAD Map App is an iOS app that can be used for routing, overpass turbo and the analysis of transit data.

AutoCAD Forge

AutoCAD Forge is the company’s cloud platform. It provides a framework for web and mobile applications. It provides a way to integrate Autodesk’s products with a third-party application or web page.


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AutoCAD 23.1 License Keygen

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3D MAX 2018

3D MAX 2018 contains the following features:

AI and machine learning tools
Feature-based renderers
Professional lighting and rendering tools
Visual effects tools
The user-friendly user interface

All of the CAD and design tools are accessible via a single user interface.

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Difference between ‘distinguer’ and ‘différencier’

I need to know the difference between ‘distinguer’ and ‘différencier’.


Différencier is the most common word, as a verb.
Distinguer is the most direct one (tend to be more often used with a noun).
This is how they are written in a dictionary :

La qualité que les termes évoquent à la fois, la différence que
les structures établissent entre eux.


There is no difference between the two verbs except for their usages.

Distinguer (pour) is something like to highlight difference between two things, you can translate it to “to point out the differences”
Différencier (se démarquer d’autres) is something like to demonstrate differences between two things, you can translate it to “to make difference”


Eliminating intermediate values when looping a function

I’m taking a discrete math course, and I’m wondering how to eliminate the intermediate values when looping through a function. For example:
def fib(n):
if n < 2: return n else:

What’s New In?

Manual Rewrite saves time by eliminating the need to update every property in your drawing. Use the new Revise in Place tool to navigate your drawing and easily correct existing property values with the cursor.

Markup Import gives you the ability to add 2D, 3D and modeling markup to your AutoCAD drawings, documents, and presentations. Features such as Z-axis, negative and positive signs, text, images, and 3D axes and models help you speed up your work. You can also collaborate in the same drawing with version control that allows multiple users to review and update the drawing. (video: 1:13 min.)

Cross-Docking Improvements:

An updated Cross-Dock viewer provides more information and new drill-down views of the document.

Automatic Cross-Dock allows you to select the current drawing layer for your cross-docking while maintaining your context.

Added tabs for each feature or layer in the Cross-Dock (e.g., Dimensions, Text Styles, Annotations, Color).

Improved management of your folder history to help you navigate between folders.

Window Management:

For Windows 10 users, the Ribbon experience continues to improve with the rollout of the new’mobile-first’ design.

Added right click functionality on the ribbon, enabling you to quickly access common actions, add-ins, and scripts.

Provides access to the ribbon in the rMBP and vMBP environments.

Other Improvements:

On the Find commands, you can now use the keyboard to enter numbers and search for objects.

Enhanced “Show In” dialog so you can select the folder to import to with greater precision.

The button on the Start Page now goes directly to the home page of the AutoCAD application (if that page is not currently active)

Improved graphic precision in the drawing area, text size, dimension font sizes, and color.

You can now export layers for all drawings in the default drawing folder.

Introduced command-line script.

The left-mouse arrow button when mouse dragging a drawing now automatically assumes the “Move with Selection” command.

On the Print and Print Preview, you can now see the crop marks around images.

Improved the experience of using simple and hybrid annotation types.

The AutoCAD

System Requirements:

Microsoft Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows 10
512 MB Video RAM
Core2 Duo or equivalent
Graphics: 2GB Video RAM
Input: Wired Mouse, keyboard
Internet: Broadband internet connection
How To Install:
Go to “Steam” and click on “Activate a Product on Steam”
Once installed, enter “7Crayons” in the “Install title” and “Steam download