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The second-generation AutoCAD, released in 1994, was the first all-digital version. This was followed by the third-generation AutoCAD, released in 1999, and the fourth-generation AutoCAD, released in 2002. The AutoCAD software was first sold in North America in 1992 by Autodesk. The software was designed to operate on the Windows, Macintosh, and UNIX platforms.

AutoCAD is also used for architectural, mechanical, and engineering (AME) tasks, as well as for 2D and 3D model-based drafting.


AutoCAD’s origins go back to the late 1970s, when William Hamilton, the co-founder of Autodesk, created a software package called Design Construction. In 1981, Autodesk released a DOS version of Design Construction that integrated the drawing capabilities of Paper Mate, a graphics program for the Apple II personal computer developed by Papermaster. The first release of AutoCAD was in December 1982 on the Apple II computer. AutoCAD became the first PC-based software program to use a multi-resolution raster-image compression algorithm, and it remains the only commercially available desktop-applicable software to do so. Autodesk developed its own VDEW (vector drawing editor) system in 1981 for drawing architectural and mechanical (AME) designs, but by the mid-1980s it was apparent that the system had major problems. Autodesk initially used other companies’ products to create a bridge between the GEMS (General Electric Mechanical System) and VDEW environments. The GEMS editor was called EGEM, an acronym for Electronic Graphics Editor for Mechanical Drawings. EGEM was released in 1986 as AutoCAD. The original Autodesk EGM editors, Autocad and AutoCAD-Plus, both included the two-dimensional drafting functions previously written in X-Y-Z (grid-based) GEMS. The three-dimensional draft functionality in EGM-Plus was later rewritten into a vector-based CAD environment called 3D. In 1993, EGM-Plus 3D was released as AutoCAD 3D.

First release

AutoCAD was first released on December 7, 1982 for the Apple II personal computer. In its initial version, AutoCAD supported only the first generation (3.5 inch) Apple Disk II drive and Apple II + disk drive. The built-in operating system for the Apple II was called Disk Operating System

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AutoCAD supports the importing and exporting of a number of 3D vector-based formats. These include DXF, DWG, SLD, FBX, OBJ, MBT, OFF, SVF, SMF, STL, X3D and 3D Studio Max.

CAD models can be exported as.3DS or.OBJ files..3DS files are standard.OBJ files with an additional two bytes (extra zeros) appended..3DS files can be imported directly into 3D Studio MAX. Autodesk 3D SceneCatcher is a compatible file format for.3DS files, which can also be viewed and edited in 3D Studio MAX. AutoCAD has a native.3DS importer and exporter.

The.3DS file format can also be read and edited by Microsoft Paint.

.3DS files can also be exported from other programs such as Sketchup, C4D, CorelDraw.

Importing and exporting of 3D models is also supported by.MPF file format, which also has support for saving and opening 3D models in Blender and CinePaint as well as software such as 3ds Max, Cinema 4D, Maya, Sketchup, ZBrush, etc.

CAD models can be viewed in several programs including 3D Studio MAX, Blender, Sketchup, etc.

The.MPF file format supports the saving and opening of CAD models in Blender and Cinema 4D as well as other software such as 3ds Max, Maya, etc..MPF files can be easily read and edited in Microsoft Paint.

With the help of the.MPF files can be modified with software such as 3ds Max, CinePaint and Maya. The.MPF file format also includes several functions that allow the user to view the models in AutoCAD, 3D Studio MAX, Sketchup, etc.

AutoCAD supports the saving and opening of 3D objects in the.OFF format. Off format is similar to.3DS, but it has a bit more information per vertex.

.OFF files can be saved in.3DS format as well as can be saved in other formats such as.OBJ,.SVF,.DXF,.FBX,.MBT,.SBT,.SLD, etc.

The.OFF format is

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In Autocad:
– Go to Drawing/Pages.
– Click on the Publish/Options button.
– Go to Publish Options.
– Click on Publish.
– Click on Open.
– Click on Customize.
– Click on Product.
– In the Product Type window:
– Change Product Type to Render.
– Change Product Type in Name to or or .

Now you can set up the renderings to use standard dimensions, and design elements.

In this case, you can use to create and export the product to an.\doc\pdf for print.

Then in autocad:
– Go to the Publish/Options/Products window.
– Click on Publish.
– Click on Options.
– Set Base Dimensions (Max Height) to 400 (in mm).
– Set Base Dimensions (Min Height) to 400 (in mm).
– Set Base Dimensions (Width) to 400 (in mm).
– Set Base Dimensions (Length) to 400 (in mm).
– Set Detail Dimensions (Max Height) to 300 (in mm).
– Set Detail Dimensions (Min Height) to 300 (in mm).
– Set Detail Dimensions (Width) to 300 (in mm).
– Set Detail Dimensions (Length) to 300 (in mm).
– Change Product Type in Name to or or .
– Set Output to pdf.
– Set Output to cdr.
– Click on Save.
– Click on Publish.
– Click on Publish.

Now you can use the or or to create the dimensions you need.

For example, this is a 2D case with 10 layers and 20 stencils.

But if

What’s New In AutoCAD?

Access stored drawings as a 3D model (video: 1:52 min.)

Create and edit 3D geometry from 2D paper-based graphics.

Use a reusable line as a wireframe visual.

Add and track links between lines, and associate each line with its 3D model.

View the 3D model as a wireframe visualization of your 2D drawing. (video: 2:07 min.)

Save drawings to the cloud with Autodesk Vault.

Improvements to AutoCAD Architecture

Show building floor plan layouts with 3D visualization.

Easily create floor plans by adding new drawings to an existing architecture project.

Import building floor plans into the current project from a 3D model.

Easily attach drawings to other drawings with snap to lines.

Quickly and easily align drawings with 3D models using the new align in 3D command. (video: 2:24 min.)

Easily access design reviews with the new live review and export commands. (video: 1:34 min.)

Improvements to AutoCAD Drafting

Add details to existing models with the improved graticule.

Create custom document templates and “scripts” for repetitive drawing tasks.

Save custom settings as templates.

Improvements to AutoCAD Geometry Modeling

Easily convert 3D shapes to lines and surfaces.

Easily trim and improve 3D surfaces in both Revit and AutoCAD.

Add 3D visualizations to Revit project documents.

Improvements to AutoCAD Imaging

Export and work with large numbers of 2D images.

Import images into Revit.

Add or update 2D coordinates for imported images.

Add and work with 2D images within a 3D model.

Better Sketching Tools:

Better tools for converting a 2D sketch to a 3D model.

Incorporate modified sketches into existing 3D models.

Create and track virtual objects.

Easily create primitive shapes like circles and cones.

Improvements to AutoCAD Mechanical and Electrical Design

Add and edit assembly parts and components with snap to location.

Better support for working with multiple 3

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XCode 6.1
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Java (32-bit or 64-bit)
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