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Asterix IDE is an IDE specifically designed for Java and web development. Its primary target audience are Java and web developers.
Developers can use the IDE to write, compile, run, debug and profile Java and web applications.
Asterix IDE facilitates task like opening, managing projects, organizing files, and running projects.
Ide also offers a standard library with many useful classes including Connection, OutputStream and InputStream. The IDE offers first class support for JDK 1.2+ in all its major features.
With only one icon, a single main panel, a clean and intuitive user interface, Asterix IDE is a great IDE.
Using IDE:
To use IDE, your computer must have the JDK 1.2+ installed.
You must have a project defined as all files and classes you want to use in your IDE must be in a folder named Asterix in your project.
Next, you must type asterix
where is your source file or files.
Asterix will build your source file(s).
To run your project type asterix filename.html
where filename.html is your output file.
You can output an intermediate file called filename.gif
if you want by typing asterix filename.html filename.gif
To debug a project, use the “step into…” commands
If you want to use the “step over…” commands
or “step out…” commands
you must be using the GDB debugger.
You can find the GDB debugger installation guide here:
You must also install the gdb debugger to compile and execute projects.
You must use a Unix compatible and a C or C++ compiler.
You can download GDB for Linux here:

You must install Asterix to save your source and HTML files.
The project folder must also be included as an external volume in the Mac Volume and Removable disk.
By default, Asterix IDE will install the following files under the \Asterix\Devfiles\ folder.
– Asterix.pdb,
– Asterix1.xml,
– Asterix2.xml,
– AsterixIDE.ini,
– Asterix.jar,
– Asterix.jar.meta

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Java IDE, Full Java Support, includes syntax highlighting, right-click class and method context help, code folding, code templates, code templates matching, hinting, and more.
– Support for JSP, Servlets, JSF, EJB
– JavaDoc generation support
– Code folding
– Code templates, code templates matching
– Extensive support for annotations
– Complete, easy to use Java development

IDE offers you a set of critical tools that you need to develop smart Java, PHP, VB or other applications.
It allows you to create, design, compile, and debug your code quickly and easily, ensuring its quality and safety.
The following are the features of IDEA:

Ability to integrate with Maven and Bnd Projects with the support of Maven and Bnd Build system
Generates documentation from Java class, packages or other documents, contains a JavaDoc processor that generates a well-organized, structured, formatted and hyperlinked documentation from the code
Features the following:
– JavaDoc Processor: Generates and generates JavaDocs from well-structured, code-oriented documentation from the code
– Code style suggestions: Code style suggestions, which will be checked automatically or manually
– IntelliJ compiler: Provides complete support for debugging and testing
– Quick fixes: User-friendly, quick and convenient support for the common errors found in the code
– Type inference: Type inference for local variables, constants and parameters
– Type inference for method returns: Provides quick type inference for method returns
– Coalesce parameters: Allows you to send only the parameters that have a difference in types between the old and the new argument(s)
– Code cleanup: Provides references for code cleanup, such as local variables, unused variable, import statement, unused imports, etc.
– Code renaming: Allows you to rename the local variable and parameters with a single click.
– Custom actions: Allows you to add actions for the refactoring, including:
 Custom inspections
 Custom conversion
 Custom move
 Custom instantiation
 Custom import
– Custom language

Emacs has long provided the most flexible development environment in the world. However, for many developers, leaving it behind is a pain they’d prefer to avoid.
While it’s a powerful and capable text editor, Emacs can lack some of the features developers are used to — and don’t have

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Asterix IDE brings you a great set of features that developers want.
Firstly, it provides you with a fully functional IDE that gives you everything you need to develop your applications.
Quickly compile your code without the hassle of downloading an appropriate IDE. Java & Web developers will love the included JavaDoc generator.
Developed using the latest technology and the best of the Java platform, the IDE features a friendly interface, support for JUnit, TestNG and jUnit-ICE, and a project wizard that gets you up and running. The IDE doesn’t force you to use any method and the language editor supports most languages.
Asterix IDE supports the development of Java web applications. Developers are also able to create Java and web applications without needing to use an external editor (such as JCreator, Eclipse or NetBeans).
Advantages of using this IDE:
• Quick solution to development problems.
• Integrated development environment that does not require you to use an external IDE.
• Speed of coding.
• Ability to separate the configuration and design of a desktop application from the application development.
• Ability to edit all files, including the configuration files, independently of a compiler.
• Ability to add configuration files to your configuration project.
• Ability to work with the IDE offline.
• Support for JDK 1.5 and JDK 6, JDK 7 support coming soon.
• Ability to edit an HTML file and run it as an executable.
• Support for most languages and Frameworks.
• Ability to develop applications based on the configuration file.
• Developing an application for desktop and web simultaneously.
• Ability to attach the generated Javadoc.
• Support for most versions of JDK, including JDK 6 and JDK 7.
• Ability to create Java applications for the desktop and for web.
• Ability to read, edit and compile configuration files, and develop a desktop application based on a configuration file.
• Ability to share, save and sync the project files.
• Installer for cross-platform support.
• Ability to work with most programming languages.
• Ability to read, modify and compile configuration files, creating a configuration project in a very simple way.
• Integrated debugger.
• Integrated code assistant.
• Ability to import C, C++, C#, Delphi, Fortran, K&R, Pascal, PHP, Ruby, JSP, VB, Pascal, VHDL,

What’s New In?

An IDE designed to make Java and web development easier for Java and web developers.
The Asterix IDE is designed to make life easier for Java and web developers by providing an intuitive IDE that they can use to write, compile and run their code.
Asterix IDE features a code editor that provides an intuitive Java-like editing experience.
Asterix IDE allows developers to work with multiple documents at the same time.
Asterix IDE enables developers to access their coding projects remotely or on-the-go.
JavaDoc generation tools provide code snippets and JavaDoc.
Asterix IDE features powerful refactoring tools that provide a clean workspace to refactor, rename and build.
We provide a command line interface that enables the installation and the usage of Asterix IDE.
If you have Java installed on your computer, you can download Asterix IDE from the following URL:
Download Asterix IDE:

What’s new
Version 4.0: – The source code of the IDE was moved to GitHub

Version 3.5: – Improved language support for other languages, like Python, PHP, C and C++
Version 3.4: – A Java refactoring tool
Version 3.3: – Code generation tools now use the new AST structure in JDK 8
Version 3.2: – Support for a new language: Dart
Version 3.1: – New options that allow users to change the color of the file icons
– Added a “Show file count” button in the file navigation
Version 3.0: – Changes that improve the performance of the IDE
– New Folding options
– More tasks and categories in the task manager
– Updated language support for C/C++
Version 2.0: – Improved language support for C/C++
Version 1.0: – Initial release

You can find more information in the download page:

This is the very first version of my Asterix IDE. The code is still rather basic, but that’s probably ok for first versions. The user interface is a bit rough, but that’s ok for first versions. Anyway, I spent many hours on coding this application, but I don

System Requirements For Asterix IDE:

* 1024×768 minimum resolution
* 2 GB RAM
Game Details:
– Four players in a classic party setting.
– Two teams, one colour (Blue) and one word (Red)
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