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Lorem Ipsum is that it has a more or less normal distribution of letters, as opposed to using “Content here, content here” which makes it similar to readab. When using “Condent Here”, however, more letters are located on the left side of the line than on the right, which distorts the size of the line, which reduces the rating. In practice, this results in longer page load times and a loss of Lore scores.
In Russian, the sign “” is used to indicate the space between words. Such a sign is a unique feature of the Arabic alphabet, while in English the root sign “f” is used to denote this space, and in Russian it is simply used “”.
For the same purposes, another letter in Russian transliteration – “*” can be used.
The following text block size limits for Lorem ipsum are known:
“Lore my life” – (Last use unknown, but predates 2007)
See also:
Internet surfing:
“Monster Hunter IV” (in China, transliteration is possible instead of the usual sign “/” – “/”)
One of the properties of Lore is that any of its letters can be rendered using any number of Latin letters. For example, the letter “B” can be replaced with another letter “D”.
Lore is also a convenient number notation system. Currently, many Chinese Internet users use the Latin script instead of the Cyrillic alphabet, which makes it difficult to create computer games, however, even there, writing computer games is not a problem for many graphic artists.
Lore is translated into dozens of languages. This list contains only the most common languages, although there are many others, such as North American Cree, Korean, Boran, Ural-Altaic, and others.
The Lore user has the ability to search for different meanings of the Lore topic, as well as look up words on a given topic.
The most frequently asked topics in Lore are the main ones (including such things as “suicides” and “severe weather”, “Spider Man”, “Beetlejuice”, “single lens reflexion”), the most common ones (foreign policy or the life of movie stars, gender relations, reality shows, fans and even questions on mathematical topics, national (Russian, Japanese or Chinese) topics, astronomy, etc.



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