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Ainvo Disk Cleaner Portable Crack+ 2022 [New]

Small, fast and portable–Ainvo Disk Cleaner is a free utility designed to
quickly remove junk files and optimize the hard disk to improve the
performance of your Windows installation. It is a reliable solution
that does not cause any system instability or leave any trace
Ainvo Disk Cleaner is a simple, easy to use software that do not need
installation. It offers a handy wizard-like interface so that even
novice users can clean their PC. This program is small and fast,
does not modify Windows registry settings, and leaves no extra files
behind. The number of files that can be removed is also quite
You can use Ainvo Disk Cleaner to clean either local or network drives
as well as removable disks. You can also scan a selected drive and
invert the selection in order to get rid of its contents.
* Small and fast–It runs without any installation, and does not
leave any trace of previous files after removal.
* Wizard-like interface makes the use of Ainvo Disk Cleaner simple
and fast
* It can clean local or network drives
* Support scan removable storage
* Set filter on the files to remove
* See the files that will be cleaned
* Clean both the file and the folder
* Option to exclude already deleted files
* Invert the selection after cleaning
* Option to copy cleaned file to different location
* Option to change the target folder to save cleaned files
* Create a backup of the clean file before deleting it
* View the list of removed files in one click
* Choose between the languages: English, Spanish, Portuguese, German,
French, Italian, Russian, Japanese, Chinese, Czech, and Polish
* Unicode Support, Unicode ID: 7
* Supports all OS: Windows 98, Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows Vista,
Windows 7, Mac OS 9, Mac OS X, Linux, FreeBSD, NetBSD, OpenBSD, Solaris,
HP-UX, and AIX
* Save the list of removed files in HTML format
* Set folder for uploading cleaned files
* Support Multi-Core CPUs and CPUs with hyperthreading
* Support of Multi-GPU
* Support JPG and GIF images
* Simple registration n, int d, int i, int s);
int lcov_create_temp_dirs(int count);
int lcov_remove_

Ainvo Disk Cleaner Portable Download

Ainvo Disk Cleaner is a complete solution that includes a bootable CD and a portable version of the main application that you can save to a USB flash drive.
This allows you to perform disk cleaning without starting Windows. In addition, it even lets you start a complete cleaning from the USB, without having to install the application to the hard drive.
As such, you get both a portable and bootable version of this simple-to-use Disk Cleaner, designed to enable you to quickly remove unnecessary files, clean registry entries and perform other basic tasks to recover more space in your computer.
Moreover, the main app has a nice interface and a wizard-like interface that makes Disk Cleaner a favorite for beginners.

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Ainvo Disk Cleaner Portable Crack+ Keygen Full Version Latest

The Portable Edition of a program designed to eliminate unnecessary files that clutter the system, in order to free up some space.
It is a standalone tool intended to be run directly from the USB flash disk or similar storage unit.
You can use it to scan all local, network or removable drives. Once completed, the app will generate a report of the results and prompt you to save it in a file.
You can get started by selecting the drives to be scanned and the items to be cleaned. The program will scan the selected drives and give you a list of files found on them. You can customize the selection as you like and specify in advance whether you want the procedure to be completely automatic or allow you to review the results of the job after it has been completed.
It will find images, archives, documents, emails, movie files, music, application and program files. It won’t look inside user folders, even if the user is authorized.
Ainvo Disk Cleaner Portable

Offers a handy zip file that ensures fast and trouble-free installation of the portable version of the free program.
It makes easy work of choosing a number of zip-compressed files, and clicking on the installer to get the installation under way on any computer running Windows 10 and above. It is the same file downloaded by the batch script that was designed to make installation easy for users with no experience of installing apps manually.
Setting up is straightforward. Click the link you get by clicking on the link posted in the comments at the beginning of this review; use the batch script to download the file to a flash drive or similar memory unit. Then double-click on the program that is installed and it will launch without any fuss. It is easy to use – to get the most from it, all you need to do is click a couple of buttons.
By default, the icon that will run the program will appear automatically. To view the program information, select Settings > Options… > General > Startup.
You can find it here under the Startup tab.
First and foremost, you can set it to start automatically when you log in (Select “When Windows starts…”, which is recommended) or any time you would like (select “When I click Start…” or “Anytime”)
Apart from choosing what to have the program start automatically, the settings button includes options to show the program’s current status in the system tray (the area at the bottom right corner of the screen), to enable desktop notifications and quick access

What’s New In?

Ainvo Disk Cleaner Portable is a portable version of the best Disk Cleaner and File Cleaner software. It is designed to completely remove unnecessary files and help to keep your PC free of distractions.
It comes packed with intuitive options that even less experienced users can toy with to carry out a task quickly and effortlessly.
Portability advantages
Since there is no installation involved, you can drop the program files in any part of the hard disk and just click the executable to run.
Another possibility is to save Ainvo Disk Cleaner to a USB flash disk or similar storage unit, in order to run it on any machine directly, without previously installing anything.
More importantly, the app does not modify Windows registry settings or create extra files on the HDD, leaving no traces behind after its removal.
Wizard-like interface
The interface is based on a wizard-like layout, where you can follow simple steps to clean the hard disk in no time. You can get started by selecting the partitions to scan, whether they are local, network or removable locations.
Scan results reveal the full path, size and type for each file selected for removal. It is possible to exclude familiar items from the cleaning job. Buttons for selecting and deselecting all files (along with inverting the selection) are available. Once the task is done, the program generates a report that you can view online.
Evaluation and conclusion
The program may take a while to complete a scanning job, depending on the size of the scanned drives. It has a good response time and worked well in our evaluation, without causing Windows to hang, crash or pop up error dialogs. On the other hand, it is not explicit concerning the types of files it looks for, let alone enable users to customize them before scanning. Nevertheless, it gets the job done with minimal user assistance.
KZ DBC Technology Pvt Ltd, Mumbai, India.

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DiscProbe is a full-featured automated software that lets you scan your hard drive and locate the hidden and corrupt files within minutes. What makes it such a useful program is its speed and ease of use. By downloading and running the software, you can fully scan for all files such as:
Video Files
PDF files
Word Documents
Excel Files
Flash and Silverlight Files
AutoCorruption files
While its features can be used to find all types of files, it excels in the

System Requirements:

Graphics: DirectX 9.0 compliant graphics card, with a minimum of 256MB of VRAM
Drivers: N/A
Windows 8.1 64bit +
Windows 8 64bit
Windows 7 64bit
Windows 10 64bit
Mac OS X
Minimum specifications
Windows 7 Minimum Specifications
Intel Pentium 4 1.2 GHz or AMD Athlon 64 X2 4200+