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FISHER – The Net Environmental Technology Foundation, a nonprofit organization that develops and promotes computer-based environmental-monitoring technologies, today announced the launch of its AquaVue Mobile on Water Monitoring System. The system is the world’s first commercially available multi-channel sensor that continuously monitors water quality at the point of need in the field. The AquaVue Mobile on Water Monitoring System comprises two complementary units, a sensor data logger and a smartphone connected to the sensor via Bluetooth and a USB port. The sensor data logger is a rugged, handheld instrument that combines accelerometers, a tilt sensor and a water quality-specific instrument. It sends data to a single user smartphone via Bluetooth. At the same time, the smartphone becomes an in-the-field receiver of data from the sensor via a USB connection. The AquaVue Mobile on Water Monitoring System will be offered in the first quarter of 2021. “The AquaVue Mobile on Water Monitoring System is a large-scale, sustainable solution for monitoring and improving the water quality of the planet’s oceans and lakes,” said Rohit Banga, founder and president of the Net Environmental Technology Foundation. “By bringing data collected at the point of need to the smartphone at the location where it needs to be used, the AquaVue Mobile on Water Monitoring System helps to improve the quality of our waterways and the health of our oceans.” The AquaVue Mobile on Water Monitoring System addresses three significant challenges in monitoring and managing the quality of aquatic ecosystems. First, for small water bodies, it provides the ability to collect data from a wide area. Second, by providing high-resolution data and the ability to broadcast it to multiple individuals, it provides an immediate response to water quality threats that cannot be detected using older monitoring techniques. Third, by utilizing multiple channels, the system can monitor the water quality over an extended period of time. The system’s architecture is easy to understand and operate, with functions that are intuitive and require little training. It also produces an accurate and complete record of water quality data. AquaVue Mobile on Water Monitoring System is designed to measure water quality over time in aquatic ecosystems, helping to improve water quality by providing the ability to quantify and analyze data in real time for locations ranging from small lakes to oceans. The AquaVue Mobile on Water Monitoring System comes in two versions. The AquaVue Mobile on Water Monitoring System includes a single sensor and a


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