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* Adobe Photoshop Elements is a very low-cost image-editing package that comes with a limited set of tools, including layers. Although no real editing power or capabilities are included, the program does allow you to manage your images fairly well.

Figure 3-7: My Lightroom image exported to Photoshop Elements, ready for conversion to a jpeg-quality format.

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Adobe Photoshop is considered to be one of the most used program on the whole planet. For many photographers, graphic designers, web designers, Discord emoji creators and meme-makers, it is pretty much the backbone of their work and for a reason. It comes with a massive selection of tools and features that will help you work at a higher speed and deliver even the best results. It comes with a separate, advanced version that is specifically meant for professionals and also contains specialized plugins for Photoshop.

So which one is best? We’ll tell you that with this review.

Photoshop vs Photoshop Elements (old vs new)

Did you get the impression that Photoshop is only for professionals? Actually not, there is another newer version called Photoshop Elements. Photoshop Elements is built from the ground up with the goal of being a basic, beginner friendly program. It includes most of the features that you need to create high-quality images. In addition, Photoshop Elements is relatively easy to learn and is thus, meant for anyone. Also, Photoshop Elements is much more affordable and is available in more markets around the globe.

Since Photoshop is a bit more complex and includes advanced features, it has a higher learning curve. Also, since it is a professional program, it is more likely to cost a lot of money. Photoshop Elements is not that expensive and can be purchased by anyone.

So does that mean that Photoshop Elements is just a Photoshop clone? Is it not worth your time and money? Why would someone use one when they could use the other?

With all that said and done, how can you choose which one is the best? Well, let’s take a look at the pros and cons of both programs.

Advantages of Photoshop

Adobe Photoshop is an incredible tool for improving the quality of your images. It offers a number of specialized tools and you can get to know new ones as you go. Adobe Photoshop also contains options for adjusting colors and adjusting images for black and white. Additionally, it is an incredibly simple to use program with a user-friendly interface. A lot of people can manage to learn Photoshop within days or even minutes. In addition, you can easily share your work with others through the power of its editing features and animation tools.

Advantages of Photoshop Elements

Photoshop Elements is relatively easy to learn, and it is not as complicated as Photoshop. Learning Photoshop is not an easy thing to do

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Find and replace in Python

I am having trouble finding and replacing something in python. My code:
import re

header = open(‘header.txt’, ‘r+’)
body = open(‘body.txt’, ‘r+’)

def main():
header =
body =
temp = re.sub(‘.*’, ”, header, re.I)
if ‘;/home’ in header:
body =
elif ‘;/home’ in body:


The problem is that it does not replace the text. I think the problem is the re.sub statement but I am not sure.
I am trying to read through the header, then if the string ;/home is found anywhere in the header, replace that string with nothing. then read through the header again and if the string;/home is found anywhere in the header, replace the text with nothing. The problem is that the code does not replace the text, i.e., it does not read through the headers to see if ‘;/home’ is found.


read doesn’t return a new string – it reads an entire line. You can use readline() instead:
header = header.readline()

When you use ‘r+’ you are opening the file in read-write mode. The first time you call read, it reads the complete file into a string. Thereafter, calling read will simply return the string you already have.
Note that re.sub(.) only reads through the entire string once. It will not continue to do so as the search string is matched, and no new strings are put into the output buffer. You can use re.findall() instead:
import re

header = open(‘header.txt’, ‘r+’)
body = open(‘body.txt’, ‘r+’)

def main():

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System Requirements:

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