KEYMACRO is a simple but powerful utility that will enable you to create a macro of any key on your keyboard.
1. Click on the Download button.
2. Double-click the “keys.exe” file.
3. Press the “Run” button.
1. Press the “New” button.
2. Choose the name for your macro.
3. Choose the key for which you want to create a macro.
4. Choose the action to perform (KeyDown, KeyPress, KeyUp, etc.)
5. Choose the conditions to apply to the macro (Press, Wait, Keyboard, etc.).
6. Press the “Done” button to complete the macro.
7. Press the “Save” button to save it.
8. Press the “Recover” button to retrieve the macro.
9. Press the “Close” button to close the application.
10. Enjoy your macro!
PROTECTOR Description:
Your documents are so important that they should be protected. If you lose your PC, or if someone steals it, you’re going to want to protect your data. And so will your kids. With the PC Security Program, you can make your entire PC bullet-proof. The PC Security Program contains only three tools, two of which are described below.
Protect against unauthorized access.
Your kids have a computer, and they’re going to want to play games. But they don’t want to get in trouble. The PC Security Program lets you give your kids specific groups of programs, so that when they use the computer they can only play games or use programs that are age appropriate. If they try to use a program that’s not appropriate for them, the program will ask them to restart the computer, giving them a real opportunity to make a mistake.
Control the use of the hard disk.
The hard disk is one of the most important components of your computer. If you’re going to spend thousands of dollars on a PC, you need to protect the data on your hard disk. For example, if you install a program and save all of your programs and settings in the same area on your hard disk, you’re risking the loss of that data if your hard disk fails. That’s why it’s important to protect your data and make sure that no unauthorized person has access to it.
With the PC Security Program 45cee15e9a

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Key Macro for quick action keys.
■ 24-Bit high-quality pictures
■ Quick Action Keys
■ Sounds
■ “Instant Mode” (no delay for “do not interrupt” mode)
■ “Copy photo” option
■ “Automatically place a photo on the desktop” option
■ “Show previews” option
■ “Stop after 30 minutes” option
■ A very simple and powerful screensaver.
It includes predefined macro for each user defined function.
Screen saver.
Date Added:

Question regarding categorical statements about finite dimensional vector spaces and $\mathbb{R}$-vector spaces.

In the infinite dimensional vector space $V$ is $\dim V = \infty$, then the set $W = \mathbb{R} \times V$ has the same cardinality as $V$?
My intuition is yes, but I am not sure.


If $V$ is an infinite dimensional vector space, then $\mathbb{R}\times V$ is an infinite dimensional vector space, hence has the same cardinality as $V$.


PHP GD image masking functionality

I’m writing a PHP script to resize and crop a photo, however, I’d also like to mask out the parts of the photo that I do not want to show (there are white circles in the image below and I want to crop around them). I’m not sure if this is possible with the GD library or if I’ll have to use something like the ImageMagick library.

Here’s the code that I’m using to resize and crop the photo:
$image_p = imagecreatefromjpeg(“wp-admin/images/login.jpg”);
$resize = 900;
$crop = 500;

$image_p_w = imagesx($image_p);
$image_p_h = imagesy($image_p);

// Resize
$width = $image_p_w / $resize;
$height = $image_p_h / $resize;

// Crop
$w = $image_p