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Adjustments: The menu’s Adjustments panel (Figure 1.5).

Using several layers is essential for a proper photo editing job. The most common edit is cropping, which involves removing a section of the image’s border. The canvas, or image board, on which an image is being worked with often needs to be set at a specific size (width and height) or crop. A Crop tool helps you to resize the image board without changing its pixels. You can use the selection tools to create precise selections for cropping (see Chapter 7).

To make a series of color changes in an image, use the Adjustment layers dialog. Chapter 2 describes how to make these changes, and you can do the same thing in Photoshop by using the controls on the Adjustment dialog. You can actually do most of the same things by pressing the keyboard shortcut Ctrl+Alt+U (Windows) or Cmd+Opt+U (Mac).

Making Corrections

The adjustments available in Photoshop give you broad control over your image’s color balance. By changing a setting in one of the slots that displays the histogram, you can alter a ton of pixels in an image with a single action. When you’re looking at an image and decide that there’s something missing or badly exposed, you can make a quick adjustment with the Curves dialog. You can make several different types of fixes and adjustments with the tools in the Healing and Repair panel.

**Figure 1.5:** The Adjustments panel has four main sections that enable you to make adjustments.

In the following sections, I show you how to make corrections in your images.

Using the Brightness/Contrast adjustment

Brightness and contrast are critical tools that play a large role in retouching images (see Chapter 2 for information on retouching). The Brightness/Contrast dialog has both sliders for setting the levels and a Preview window for looking at the effect of your adjustments. Most editors like to mess around with the middle slider to get it to respond as quickly as possible.

Whether you’re manipulating the image with the Brightness/Contrast dialog or using the Adjustments panel, use the dialog’s slider in the Contrast section. When you’re adjusting Brightness/Contrast in a JPEG or TIFF image, you get a histogram preview that lets you know how much the changes you’re making will affect the amount of data in the image. If your changes are larger than the available

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Photoshop vs Adobe Elements

Adobe PhotoShop was the first popular graphics editor. It is the official graphics software in several fields, including photo editing, web design, graphic design, web comic strip creation, and animation. Adobe PhotoShop was a godsend for digital photographers and graphic designers, as it contained everything they needed to edit and improve images.

Elements, on the other hand, is a simpler graphic editor mainly for hobbyists and amateurs. It’s not as user-friendly as PhotoShop and Photoshop, but it is easy to use.

Adobe PhotoShop and Adobe Elements are similar in design, structure, and purpose, however. This article will help you to decide which one is best for you.

What’s New

As of 2018, Elements and Photoshop are more similar than they have ever been. It is now the best option for many types of editing, even for professional photographers. It now has features similar to PhotoShop, including a library, layers, and undo and redo. This makes it more useful than ever before.

Photoshop is still extremely powerful and contains features that no other program offers. But it can be more expensive than Elements.

Basic Photoshop Tools

You will need a laptop with built-in webcam, also known as a webcam. You need both a good quality camera and a decent microphone to be able to record yourself.

Once you have purchased Elements, you will find that the webcam will work fine, but a good microphone will be helpful. You can record yourself using a webcam by heading to Edit > Record Screen (or press Ctrl+I if you are using macOS).

Photoshop Options

The basic tools in Photoshop are found in the menu as shown in the figure below.

The main tool for editing is the Brush tool. It offers you a lot of options for customizing its behavior. You can learn to use the tool by looking at our how to use brushes tutorial.

Photoshop Tools: What Can They Do?

Unlike Elements, Photoshop doesn’t restrict you from working on the layers. You can create, edit, and remove them. To create a layer, go to Layer > New > Layer and hit Enter. You will be able to use most features of the selection tools.

The first thing that you’ll notice is the layers. You can create more than one layer in a single document. You can name

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At the center of the project will be the new restaurant, which will occupy the redeveloped space that formerly housed the Sam’s Clock. Expect yet another collaboration between Sycamore chef Jessica Fugate and Taverna Camarata’s Giuseppe Gentile, who will serve as consultant.

Though Fugate recently returned to Sycamore after serving as sous chef at Five Fifty-Five (finally!), she’s been busy testing out the latest offerings at the brewery and now planning to launch her own restaurant. “Working at Five Fifty-Five has shown me that I have to put myself out there and test new things with a small market,” she says. “This is an opportunity for me to try out some things for my own menu and better learn and improve as a chef.”

As for the mood at this new restaurant, Fugate says, “It’ll be a bit of the Dan and Dan’s Stromboli style, [complete with] a different selection of wood, sleek, modern, and super-dynamic. The menu will be big, and that’s part of the fun.” While details are still being ironed out, expect to see cocktail creations (a classic Italian tipple, she says, “obviously shaken, not stirred”), a strong list of charcuterie, and farm-driven or poultry-focused meat dishes. A barrel-aged menu will also be available.

From there, Fugate’s goal is to eventually open up the restaurant in other small markets around the tri-state area, including nearby Mount Pleasant, Kingston and Amherst. “The whole experience of dining there is so different from downtown, from the size of the restaurant to the space itself,” she says. “I’d love to have something in each market.”

For the first time at Taverna Camarata, the B-Ranch is now being run by Danny DeMarco, who took over for Giuseppe DeMott after the former opened B-Ranch Pizza and Tap Room on South First. Danny plans to continue with the Taverna tradition of fantastic, inexpensive southern Italian food in a fun and laid-back atmosphere. As for the menu, he says, “We’re focusing on pasta, fresh, vegetable-driven, and pasta dishes. It’s the type of food I grew up eating, as well as my friends and family who eat here. In general, there will be a menu that is comfort food-like, as well as a few pizzas

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Brush Options

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