The Most Critical factor in determining the best electronic payment system for your business is whether you accept payments face to face or not.

“Card present” or “retail” – your customer hands you their card, debit card or check to pay for goods.

“Cards not present” – you accept orders over the phone, through the mail or on a website.

RS Merchant Services has easy to use, PCI (Payment Card Industry) compliant processing systems for all merchant types.


Featured products

RS Merchant Services offers full service credit card, debit and check card and ACH processing.

Master Card and Visa
American Express
Diners Club
Automated Clearinghouse (ACH)

RS Merchant Services ONLINE REPORTING Online reporting, available to all RS Merchant Services retail merchants as well as MO/TO and Internet, is an invaluable tool in running a business and performing account reconciliation.

24 hour availability at
Easy to get timely transaction info
Perform multiple searches
Drill down into historical batch detail

RS Merchant Services VIRTUAL TERMINAL RS Merchant Services Virtual Terminal was designed specifically for our merchants who have card present or card not present.

No equipment purchase required
Authorizes and settles credit card and electronic check (ACH) payments
Accessible via the Internet
Process payments from anywhere
24/7 reporting improves reconciliation
Recurring billing simplifies collection
Integrated shopping cart for web sales

Roam Pay RS Merchant Services Virtual Terminal was designed specifically for our merchants who have card present or card not present.

Accept Credit Card Payments on your Smart Phone

CHECK PROCESSING New Check processing technologies and systems are saving merchants time and money.

Available for card present & not present
Recurring billing
marker Check conversion
marker Check guarantee


TERMINAL EQUIPMENT We offer the most popular and reliable equipment.

marker Nurit, Verifone and Hypercorm

marker Ensure compatibility by purchasing terminal equipment, merchant account and payment processing services from the same source

marker Reprogramming of existing terminals

BUSINESS GROWTH TOOLS RS Merchant Services offers additional products that help merchants grow their businesses

marker Gift and Loyalty Card services at surprisingly low cost of entry. Programs are very flexible and can be used to reward customers, encourage repeat visits and replace paper gift certificates.

marker Advance Funding, based upon future credit card sales, provides working capital to expand merchant businesses and meet unexpected expenses.

SOFTWARE INTERGRATION RS Merchant Services payment processing is already integrated with many third party software packages, including RS Merchant Services Software. Comprehensive APIs are provided for simple integration to our PCI compliant, advance payment gateway.

Some of the advantages of third party software integration are:
marker No double entry of data
marker One step batch settlement
marker Increased security of confidential data
marker Transaction data posted in software

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