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  • 15 Years Experience in Credit Card Processing
  • Accept Credit Card Payments on your Smart Phone

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    RS Merchant Services began in 1995 representing the Credit Card Processing Industry with some of the top Banks and Processors in the USA and we have since learned a lot of the tricks that are used by Banks and Processors to take the Merchants hard earned dollar while the Merchants are trying to grow their businesses and make a living.

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    New Services

    1. Ask about our Free Pos Systems (requires service contract)
    2. Various Smart Phone Swiper programs way better and cheaper than Square
    3. Square charges 2.75% for swipes and 3.50% for keyed in. If you do over a thousand dollars it could take up to 3 weeks to get your money
    4. I now offer a Apple IPAD Pos system app with Inventory control mgmt
    5. Mobile Phone Swipers



    Mobile phone swipers: to accept Credit Cards on your I Phone, I Pad or Android Device. Live Customer Service & Tech Support 24/7 and Low Rates! Free Online Reporting! For Example: All Signature or Pin Debit 1.50% + $.25 compared to 2.75%

    Live Customer Service & Tech Support Free Online Reporting with Real Time Reporting (you can see the transaction immediately online)


    RS Merchant Services providing the very best in Credit Card Processing, Credit Card Merchant Processing, Credit Card Merchant Account Services, Business Credit Card Processing from the internet, Credit Card Terminals, Online Terminals or Wireless Credit Card Terminals throughout the United States of America. We are credit card service Whittier, CA, credit card merchant accounts Whittier, CA.

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